Peacepipe pilsner

A Classic German Brew with a Colorado Touch

IBU: 21 | ABV: 5.8%

Brewer Notes:

The Peacepipe Pilsner is one of our most popular brews- a lager that perfectly balances moderate Noble-type hop aroma and flavor with a malty, slightly sweet, medium body and a crisp, dry finish.

This beer is a staple in our lineup and can be found year round in the brewery and at your local Colorado liquor store!


Pairs Well With:

  • Pug's Famous Chicken Wings

  • Flatbread Pizza

  • Pork Green Chili

Peacepipe Pilsner is an extremely versatile beer and pairs well with many foods. It's got enough kick to match a spicy dish but it is also subtle enough to go well with the delicate flavors of chicken and fish dishes. This beer cleans your palate with each sip so you can enjoy each bite like it’s your first. Also goes well with light desserts.


The Pilsner beer was first brewed in Bohemia, a German-speaking province in the old Austrian Empire. Pilsner is one of the most popular styles of lager beers in Germany, and in many other countries. 

2015 Bronze Metal

Great American Beer Fest

2009 Silver Medal Winner
N. American Beer Awards

2008 Silver Medal Winner
Great American Beer Fest

2008 Silver Medal Winner
Great American Beer Fest